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Archive Name (Place)Crediton (Devon, England)
Archive TypeCivic
Archive Number0000004
Archive Data FileCR046609.mia
Date of Compilation2006.06.09
Local MapYes
Persons Named600+
Content Stone memorials in Crediton. Crediton is an old market town with a Roman and Saxon history. It was the site of the first cathedral in Devon (909-1050 A.D.).
This Archive is being extended and a new version will be ready for the 2009 Crediton Cathedral Celebrations.
Family Names
(Figure in brackets indicates number of occurrences)
Adams (4) Aethelheard Arcot Arundell Ash Attree Auber Austin Badger Bagwell Baker (4) Ball Barnes Bashford Batters Bawden (2) Beal Beament Beckett (2) Bedford Belcher Bellew Bere (2) Berry (4) Bevin Bicknell (2) Billing Blackwell Blamey (3) Blatchford (2) Blaxill (2) Blease Boase Boddy (2) Bodley Bolte Bond Borne Bower Bransom Brassington Brealy Bright Bromell Brook (2) Brookhouse Brotherton Brown (2) Brueton Bubear (2) Budge Buller (2) Burgoyne Burks (2) Burridge (4) Burton Busch Caines Calvert Cann Capper Carey Carnell (9) Carthew Carver Challen Chamberlain Chandler Chanter Chapple Charlton Cherry (2) Chown (3) Chudley Churcher (2) Clarke (4) Clay Clayton Coleman Coles (2) Coley Collier Colwell (2) Colwill Comont Conabeer Conibear Cooke Coombes Cooper (3) Cording (2) Cornish Corp Cossins (2) Cotton Courtnay Crabtree Crispin Crooke Crossman Dacie Darch Darke Dart (2) Davey (2) Davidson Davie (2) Dawton De Jong (2) De la Bere Deane Delve Dening (3) Discombe (2) Doddridge Down (4) Drake Drew Drowne Dummett Dunn Durst Dymond (2) Eakers (2) Edwardes (9) Edwards (3) Edworthy Elston (4) England (2) Eplett Erscott (2) Eyles Fahey Farleigh (2) Farley Fear Feller Ferguson-Davie Finch Fisher Fixott Flood Ford Fox Francis (3) Frost (2) Fry Fursman Gale Gallin Gard Garnsworthy Garrard Gaudern George German Gillard (2) Gillman (3) Glare Glover Goddard Gordon-Ralph Grant Gregory Grenfell Grey Gribble (2) Grist Gush Haddon Hallett Hambly Hammett Hanson Harper Harris (4) Harry Harvey (2) Hatch Hawker Hawkins (4) Haydon (2) Hayward Heal Hector Hedger (3) Hellier Helmore Henderson Herbert (4) Higgins Hill (3) Hirst Holloway Holman Holwill Hooper (3) Horrell (4) Horsey Hoskin Howard (2) Howarth (2) Hubbard Huffleman Hughes (2) Hugo (2) Hulland (3) Hutchings Ibert Ireland Jackman Jackson (7) Jefferies Jeffries Jessop Jewell (2) Johns Johnson Jones Jordan Kaye Keen Kellaway (3) Kempson Kinch King (2) Klaus Knaplocke Kneel (2) Knight-Bruce Lacey Lacie Lake (5) Lambert Lambooy (2) Land Lane Lang Langdon (3) Langhorne Latham Law (2) Leach (2) Leaman Lear Lee (5) Levelle Lewis Lightfoot Lockton Long Loosemore Lymington Mackenzie Madge Mallett (2) Manaton Manley Mann (6) Manning Mansey March Marrack (3) Martin (5) Martyn (2) Mashford Massey Matthews (2) May Merrifield Mildon Millard Miller (2) Milton Mogridge (2) Molland Montague (5) Moore Morcom (2) Morgan Morris Mortimer (3) Mortimore Muggeridge Mulvaney (2) Musk Nankivell Narracott Neiass Newcombe Nicholas Nicolls Nott Nutting Odam Organ (2) Osborne (3) Page Palmer Parker (3) Parkin (2) Parkyn Parr Parsons Passmore Pawsey (3) Pearce Penton-Voak Pethrick Phillips (10) Piney Pitts (3) Ponsford (4) Pope Porter Powlesland Prebble Price Prince (4) Prowse Purse Pyatt Pyle (2) Pym Quick (2) Radford Ralph Ravenhill Reed Reid Restieaux Richards (2) Richardson (3) Richer Rigby (4) Ritchie Roach (9) Roberts Robins Robinson (6) Rose Roseveare Rosling Rowe Rundle (2) Rusbridger (2) Russel Salisbury Salter Sambell Samuels Sanders (5) Sandford Saunders Scott Searle Seccombe Selley (2) Setter (3) Shapland (3) Sheppard (2) Shipman Short Skewes Skinner (2) Slade Smith Smith-Dorien Snell (2) Southcott Spear Spearman Sprague (4) Spurway St Boniface St lo Auber Staddon Staden Statham Steed Steer Steevenson Stemson Stentiford Stevens Stevenson Stiff Stoneman (4) Stoyle Strong (2) Summerwell (2) Sutton Swann Syers (2) Sykes-Bower Symes (4) Symonds Tasker (2) Taylor (6) Thomas (3) Thomson Thorne (2) Tolcher Tomkins Toogood Tothill Towt Traies (2) Tranchell Treeby Tremlett (7) Tucker (5) Turner (2) Turrall (3) Tylor Udy Urse Valley (2) Venn (2) Vicary Viner Ware Warren (2) Watson (2) Way (2) Weatherley Weeks (5) Wellacott (2) Welling White (6) White-Thompson Williams (5) Wilson Wilton Winfrith Winnifrith Winslade Wisbey Wolfe-Murray Woodford Woodward Wotton Wroth Young

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